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Quality of Life Assessments

Caring for our animals is a lifelong commitment, and as they age, they need our attention more than ever.

When your dog or cat reaches an advanced age, or if diagnosed with a serious illness, then our Sydney mobile vet might suggest a quality of life assessment.

It’s the best way to understand just how any health conditions are affecting your pet’s life… and if they are comfortable, pain-free and happy.

Dog playing with his owner

Caring for aging pets

Our dogs, cats and other pets bring us a world of joy, and it’s our job to help them stay happy and healthy. Most animals are more prone to ailments as they age, so it’s also important that we monitor their health to ensure we catch any issues sooner rather than later.

Many clients value our home veterinary care for convenience, flexibility and help with anxious animals that might be too stressed for a clinic consultation. We find an added benefit is that our clients stay with us for many years… and we see beloved animals from kitten or pup through to senior animal citizens.

We’re committed to caring and always compassionate at-home vet services at every age. So, our comprehensive in-home vet services include geriatric care, palliative care and pet quality of life assessments.

Dog with toy bunny rabbit

What’s involved?

A cat or dog quality of life assessment is essentially a full and thorough consultation with you and your pet, followed by a detailed pet examination.

Our mobile vet will discuss any behaviour changes you may have noticed and check on a number of factors that together make up what we consider good quality of life.

Pet owners should understand that there are several criteria that we consider when thinking about quality of life.

These can include your animal’s level of pain, their mobility and their overall sense of happiness. We consider their hunger levels, hydration, their interaction with family members and their ability to still partake in favourite activities.

Once we’ve completed our quality of life assessment, we’ll discuss exactly what we consider to be the best way forward for the benefit of your pet.

Cat and dog sleeping together

Minimising pain and discomfort

A dog or cat quality of life assessment has a clear objective – to protect your pet from pain and distress, and help them live the rest of their life with comfort and dignity.

Should the examination reveal any issues or further illnesses, our in-home vet will fully discuss these with you. Our vet might suggest pain management strategies such as medication or treatments, including acupuncture. Depending on the results, he may recommend hospitalisation or perhaps pet euthanasia.

A quality of life assessment is one of the best steps you can take to protect your pet. If you have any questions about our assessments or would like to see our mobile vet in Sydney, feel free to call for a consultation.


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