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Pet insurance – highly recommended!

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I’ve been practicing for 10 years in several veterinary settings including emergency and critical care and have sadly been involved with families that simply haven’t been able to afford the hospital fees and vet care when their pet gets seriously sick or involved in trauma.

Under many of these circumstances I have had to euthanase these pets, much to the huge distress of the family. Also in less emotional circumstances with more routine veterinary care it may still be a hard decision on how best to treat your pet when there are several options that span a large price range. It is always recommended to give the best care available but sometimes this isn’t affordable.

The treatment options that I implement will always be based on the client’s and the patient’s needs.

Anything that can help during a time of need is well worth considering and that is where pet insurance comes in which is very similar to our private health insurance.

Policies that cover illness and accident/trauma are well worth the monthly premium as you won’t be hit with a large veterinary bill at times when it matters most, and this, in many instances, may save your beloved pet’s life. Having pet insurance will just make the decisions and considerations around how best to treat your pet much easier, and they can always receive the very best care available.

Go to our pet insurance page for links to some of the various insurance companies and check out what is available. Or feel free to call Ari at any time to discuss this further.

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