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The Vet and His Cat

2011 has gotten off with a kick start and I’ve met many wonderful clients and their gorgeous pets, and had some great fun at local community events.

Most recently I was involved with Woollahra Council’s “Puppies In The Park”, a morning of fun events and stalls. I had the pleasure of judging the “Best Trick” event and donated the first prize of a complimentary home consultation.

It was so hard to decide the best trick from a great variety of entries that I decided to offer two first place prizes. These were won by Yael’s Rusty with his stunning display and responsiveness of basic and advanced commands including playing dead, and a beautiful team effort of two young girls with their dancing dog Wally!

Vetaround’s stall had some fun giveaways and provided a great opportunity for me and my family to chat to local community members and their pets!

I’ve been around to many people’s homes to help their “pets in need” and was lucky enough to see one of the most amazing guinea pig hutches I’ve ever seen. Annabel has created a luxury two story palace with ramps and hideaways and great play areas.

These guinea pigs are very lucky to have such a caring mum!

I also went back to a family in Erskenville to check on the new cat to their household, an ex-breeder male Ragdoll Bodhi who was dumped by his breeder. He was so nervous that he spent most of his time hiding, after having spent most of his time in a cage at the breeding facility.

I’m pleased to say that he is now a gorgeous and playful cat who thinks he’s the pet dog! He loves to chase balls of paper thrown around by Jade and Steve and has become a loving family member. These kind of visits really make me love my job as a mobile vet!

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