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The Dog and his Vet

Another week and another basketful of interesting and diverse patients.

There is an emergency condition called priapism whereby for neurological reasons or sometimes with excitement the penis becomes engorged and stuck and cannot withdraw back into the prepuce where it normally sits hidden.

It is not particularly common but would you believe I had two calls for this problem this week! One for a dog and one for a ferret!

I’m not sure whether the ferret was actually engaged in “exciting” activity but his penis became entangled with a loose thread from a blanket that he was playing in and before he knew it his penis was stuck and there was nothing he could do about it. I got a frantic call from his mum to say she wasn’t quite sure what was going on but it looked like his penis was stuck out and blue!

I rushed right over but fortunately his mother had a cool head and managed to cut the thread off the blanket and it then untangled and his penis popped back in. On arrival there were a few embarrassing smirks but all were happy and Mr Weebles seemed no worse for wear! Playing and jumping around as usual.

The other dog fortunately had a similar experience where his penis “deflated” and went back in before I examined him. Great “happy endings” for both patients!

I also had a house call to see a Chinese Crested Powder Puff, a very sweet little dog. There aren’t too many of these around so it was lovely to meet another.

He had a condition called “dry eye” where his tear production had stopped which means his eyes had become very dry and sore. In most cases there is a still some tear production but in his case there were no tears at all – very sad! His eyes must be feeling very dry and gritty. Fortunately for him there is treatment for this condition but we will have to closely monitor it over the next few months to make sure he starts producing tears and get him feeling much more comfortable.

It’s great to get out to more and more people who are preferring to have a mobile vet visit their pets in their home. Vet consults in your home are a great way to reduce the stress on the pet and fit more easily into your lifestyles.

Check out the mobile vet services that we offer and don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to help you and your pet.

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