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Seven essential facts to know about French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs – affectionately known as Frenchies – are a popular breed. They are gentle, adorable and make wonderful pets.

But if you’re thinking about welcoming a French Bulldog into your family, it’s important to know what you’re getting into! Looks aside, they do have some common health challenges and personality quirks that should be part of your decision making.

Here are seven essential facts you should know about the breed.

1. Are French Bulldogs from France?

No. Well, not originally. Interestingly, they are descendants of the British Bulldog.

Any bulldogs that were considered to be too small, or had faults, such as ears that stood up, would be shipped from England to France. Over time, these dogs became fashionable and demand for the breed increased. And so, the French Bulldog was born.

They carry some of the traits of their British cousins along with their own distinctive characteristics.

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2. Are Frenchies smart?

French bulldogs are intelligent. Training them is easy as long as you keep the training fun by turning it into a game.

As intelligent as they are, French Bulldogs are also free thinkers who have a mind of their own.

They are not an ideal breed for competing in obedience or agility… although with a little persistence your Frenchie might surprise you!

3. Are French Bulldogs good with other dogs and kids?

French Bulldogs are a breed that is best suited to an indoor lifestyle and they thrive when around humans. Due to their small size and gentle nature, they are great with kids and will often become the self-appointed protector of the family.

Frenchies are happiest when they have company, and they usually get along well with other dogs. If you work long hours, having another dog will stop your Frenchie from getting lonely.

4. How often do they need to be exercised?

Unlike some larger breeds, French Bulldogs only require minimal exercise. A daily 30 minute walk will keep them fit and in shape.

While they respond well to crate training and living indoors, they also need time and space to roam and play throughout the day, ideally in a fenced backyard, if you have one.

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5. What size do they grow to?

French bulldogs are a smaller breed… and that’s what makes them so adorable!

They are on the stockier side but will usually only weigh from 10-15kg and stand around 30cm high when fully grown.

6. How long do French Bulldogs typically live for?

As a small breed, the lifespan for French Bulldogs is generally from 12-14 years with a healthy Frenchie living up to 16 years of age. Obviously, this is dependent on a number of factors. Keeping on top of vaccinations and any health concerns as well as following a healthy diet with enough exercise will give your Frenchie the best chance at a long life.

7. What are common health challenges Frenchies face?

French Bulldogs make great pets… but they can suffer from a number of health issues.

  • That sweet smushed face that makes them so adorable is also the reason why Frenchies are prone to breathing issues such as Bracycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS). Leaving breathing problems untreated is detrimental to their health, so if you notice any breathing problems, see your vet straight away.
  • As a Frenchie owner you will need to be extra vigilant with daily and weekly eye cleaning to prevent eye issues such as cherry eye, dry eye and corneal eye from developing.
  • Frenchies were purposefully bred to have short back legs and slightly curled tails, which cause hip and spine problems, including hip dysplasia. It’s something to be aware of as the growth of their spine and hip can be impacted.
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Taking good care of your French bulldog

No matter what breed of dog you decide on, it’s important they have regular vet check ups so you can keep your pet healthy and happy.

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