Vetaround Mobile Vet Sydney Testimonials from our Clients

“Dear Ari

I would like to express my deepest thanks and respect for the incredible support and patience you showed to me and my dearly beloved companion Gypsy in the last weeks of her life. Your professionalism, honesty, gentleness and compassion made a very difficult time bearable for both Gypsy and myself and I am incredibly grateful. Thanks to you I was able to allow my friend to die in the peace and love of her own home with no stress or discomfort. This could never have happened without your service Vetaround and I would urge anyone looking for an alternative to the distress of taking their pets away from home to contact Dr Ari Ende and discover his incredible home vet service.

With gratitude and admiration”

Irene Doutney

“Ari from VETaround had been taking care of my cat Noodle for some time. I elected to use VETaround because across time Ari came to understand Noodle and her needs and that she was far more comfortable being treated in her own domain – our home. Often for an owner and cat, it can be stressful transporting between house and vet, Noodle for the most part was able to be treated in the comfort of her lounge chair – this made a massive difference to me and also her. This approach was never more relevant when I had to put Noodle to sleep, a terrible and emotionally destroying decision for any owner, however, I was able to let her rest on her blanket, look into her eyes without cat cages and unfamiliar environments and people and dogs in waiting rooms.

Of course in my heart I believe that this was a respectful and peaceful end for a very dear friend. Ari was a wonderful support and although I wish everyone’s pets could live forever, when the time does come it is important that people understand that a home alternative, is more restful and comforting as an option for everyone involved. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive associate than Ari, he was understanding and treated Noodle with an ending that she deserved and with great dignity, for an old girl that lasted 13 years. Noodle’s cremation and ashes were delivered to me and Ari took care of the necessary arrangements easing what is always going to be a difficult task and Noodle still resides at peace and in pride of place in my home.”

Rhys, Woolloomooloo

“Dear Ari,

Quick note to let you know how impressed we were with your mobile vet service following your visit here. Previous visits by car to the local vet for our cat, Tigger, have always been stressful for him and us. Having you come to him was delightful magic!
Also your advice and manner in treating Tigger was professional and a joy to watch. We have no hesitation in recommending your service to our friends with pets and please feel free to use this as a testimonial on your website if you wish.”

Nikki and Lance, Rushcutters Bay

“Dear Ari,

Thank you so much for coming to see my cat Gypsy and listening to my concerns about her health and recent experience in veterinary hospitals. After attending 3 vets over the Christmas/New Year period it was so reassuring to have a one on one consult with someone who seemed to care. Your service offers a personal touch that is completely missing at the veterinary hospitals I visited. For the first time in a month I felt there was hope and that someone was actually listening to me. I have recommended you to all my friends and will call on your services in the future if Gypsy needs them as I am loath to go back to impersonal hospitals. Gypsy is doing well and again we both thank you for your speedy visit and sensible advice.”

Irene Doutney, Redfern

“Dear Ari,

I can’t really thank you enough for taking such good care of “Herbie the cat” recently. Your genuine warmth, thoughtfulness and care mean so much to me, particularly when you were able to drop Herbie home from the hospital, feed him and then text me to let me know how he was coping – really fantastic!

I know Herbie’s care is still ongoing but I feel so lucky that we have you to look after him. Ari, your constant follow-up, support and advice on treatment options is amazing and I will certainly be recommending your excellent home service to everyone as it definitely takes away the stress and anxiety of having to take a loved pet to a clinic.”

Darryl Bourke, Bondi

To say that Ari is the BEST Vet in Sydney would be an understatement. From the moment I found him to the moment my beloved dog Chi Chi passed away this year, Ari not only provided my pet with the utmost best medical care for him…but more importantly he genuinely CARED for my much loved chichi…which is extremely hard to find let me tell you. We will be both eternally grateful for the care and relief you provided for him. Thank You so so much

Helen Phoenix, Waverley

Ari is not only the most professional Vet I have ever dealed with providing excellent service to both animals and owers alike but the most caring, gentle, loving Vet Around! He is just simply the Best! We just love him. Yasmin and the Beckefeld Family.

Susana Beckefeld

“Dear Ari,

I just wanted to thank you again for last night. The gentleness and care that you gave not only to Sasha but to all of us made a very sad time for us a bit easier. I hope that you do well with your new business and we wish you every success. We have your card and will not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thanking you once again and good luck.”

Karen, Paul, Sarah and Mark Chaloner, Little Bay

“I am very happy about the arrival of Vetaround. The concept of a fully equipped mobile vet who will come to your home at times that suit is a good one, and Vetaround certainly delivers.

My poodle cross Bene takes a dim view of trips to the vet. He objects to the whole idea, displaying anxiety and stress as soon as we arrive. We would much rather not go. Vetaround offers a highly effective alternative. Ari came to the house and before Bene knew it he had been diagnosed, treated and back to his daily round, and discomfort was kept to the minimum. We saved time and a whole lot of anxiety for the dog.

I have no hesitation recommending the service, it is a professional, friendly and competitively priced operation which can draw on more complex services if required. Wishing them luck for the future.”

Stephen Whitteridge, Randwick

“Ari was Buddy’s vet for a long time. We loved Buddy so much but he wasn’t the easiest dog to treat & Ari managed him really well. Towards the end of his life, it was Ari who helped us make the hard decision of when to euthanase him. He supported us completely by euthanasing him exactly the way we wanted to, in Buddy’s own familiar surroundings. He was gentle, caring & respectful.

When we recently got our new puppy, Lucca, we didn’t hesitate in contacting Ari straight away. Having a new puppy can be very overwhelming and Ari has been fantastic in every way giving us advice and treatment for Lucca. We completely trust Ari with our new baby, Lucca.”

Carole Schlessinger, Dover Heights

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