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Dental hygiene is probably the most overlooked aspect of our pet’s general health.

With all the different breeds now around and their many shapes and sizes, we have potentially made it tougher for them to maintain dental health and Vetaround advises that we assess our pet’s dental health on a regular basis.

Our pets don’t brush their teeth twice a day and visit the dentist twice a year (which is what our dentists recommend!).

For this reason tartar builds up quickly. Bacteria builds up under the tartar which soon leads to oral infection and periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease means that the bone and tissues around the teeth gets eaten away which which destabilises the teeth and eventually if untreated, these teeth will fall out. Periodontal disease in our pets iis an irreversible process and is best prevented before it occurs.

Oral infections can also cause spread through your pet’s body causing nasty illnesses in your pet that can be very difficult to treat and are sometimes life threatening.

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Some animals seem to maintain excellent dental health with very little intervention but others have significant tartar build up and periodontal disease at a very young age.

The only way to achieve good dental health is regular cleaning of teeth both at home and by a dental scale and polish in hospital.

Vetaround mobile vet dental hygiene program includes:

  • Annual or biannual dental checkup (every second one is done with the annual health check)

  • Dental scale and polish. As required, or in some patients annual or even biannual. This procedure requires a general anaesthetic and a day stay in hospital.

  • Many people fear the anaesthetic, but these days the anaesthetics and equipment used are much safer than they used to be and the risk is low in healthy patients.

  • Dental hygiene program for home care

As a note, it is important to know that while many people give their pets bones to maintain dental health, bones are not without their risk including broken teeth and gut foreign bodies and obstructions.

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