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Vetaround Newsletter September 2014
Hi from Ari

Hi Everyone

Hopefully we're in the tail end of this cold winter weather and our pets can enjoy playful and warm late sunny afternoons again soon!

For the most part it has been a relatively uneventful recent few weeks and we've all been snuggling up inside by the heater, however I know some of you have had very difficult times with sick pets so our thoughts and wishes are with you.

Despite the cold there have been some fleas around on my romps around town, so remember to keep up your flea control. I hope you enjoy the educational stories below and as always don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or feedback.

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Heart Disease in our Pets
I've been busy keeping the Vetaround Blog up to date this year - you'll find heaps of useful information on there as the library grows.

I've taken a look at heart disease which is a big issue in our pets as well as the human world. But in dogs and cats the problem is not coronary heart disease due to too many chips and burgers! The commonest heart conditions we see are heart valve and heart muscle disease.

Check out my two blogs here on heart valve disease and heart muscle disease
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Does your Cat Spray?
vomiting in pets

Spraying is when your cat urinates on things to mark them with his or her scent.

You know your cat is spraying when he stands up to pee with his tail high and the urine stream is horizontal.

Spraying is your cat’s way to try to mark his territory and feel more safe and secure.

If your cat is spraying in the house learning more about why the behaviour is occurring can be really useful read more
Patient of the month…

Meet Juno, a gentle and shy 6 year old cross Staffy pictured with his bright and sparkly brother Franz (beagle in the photo).

Juno has an extreme case of skin allergy and requires daily attention by his lovely mum Nic, who has to bath his feet every day and make sure his ears are clean.

A while ago Juno's skin got so bad that the pads of his feet started to peel away - ouch! We did exhaustive testing and found several infections and really bad ulceration of his pads secondary to his underlying allergy.

He needed to have his feet bandaged daily and lots of medication, but thanks to his very dedicated and loving mum, he has made a full recovery, and lives mostly free of his clinical signs.

You can see how sad Juno gets when his feet are sore (the photo in front of the heater), but now he is happy and playful, able to run about as a normal dog should with his brother Franz.

I love going over to meet the two dogs for their checkups and am relieved that on the last few visits, Juno (and Franz) have come running up to greet me at the door, rather than hanging back because his feet are too sore to get up. Keep it up Juno!

pet arthritis

pet arthritis
Vetaround Opening Hours

Just a couple of holidays coming up:

Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) Sept 25th and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) Oct 4th. I'll be unavailable those 2 days - finishing at 3pm on the afternoon before.

Our regular opening hours are:
- Mon - Fri 7:30am - 7:00pm
- Sat 9:00am - 4:00pm
- On Call Mon - Fri 7pm - 11pm
- Out of hours of emergency vets

Until next month, stay warm and dry