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Vetaround Newsletter April 2015
Hi from Ari

Hi Everyone

Thankfully finally the weather seems as though it may be starting to cool now and we can settle into a cosy winter with our gorgeous pets.

It has been sooooo humid that the flea population has boomed causing many problems for my patients. I've seen multiple ear and skin infections - a few which have been antibiotic resistant and difficult to treat. To address this it's important that you always apply medications exactly as it says on the label and call us with any concerns.

It's been lovely to see a lot of new kittens and puppies, I love adding these to my travels over summer and look forward to a long and healthy relationship with all our gorgeous new pets.

For us as a family it's been a difficult few months with our beautiful "Reuben" - the brown dog in the picture below.

Reuben is 11 now. Before Christmas we noticed that he just wasn't right. He was slowing up on his walks and quiet. I took him into our base hospital and we did blood tests and an ultrasound scan. Unfortunately we found a tumour on his spleen.

We made the decision to operate and successfully removed the whole spleen complete with the offending tumour. Reuben made a fast recovery from surgery and is back to his happy self. The report from the lab suggests that even though the tumour was malignant it looks like we have removed it completely as it was contained in the spleen.

Family life has settled down again after a worrying time!

Owning Pets Makes Me Smile
I spent some time the other day reflecting on just how important our pets are to us as a family.

I noticed how the dogs provide a constant source of joy; getting excited over every little thing, showing us all endless love and giving us the perfect excuse for long family walks together. And the cats give us a reason for a much needed sit down and relax as we pet them.

And of course on my everyday travels around Sydney as a mobile vet, I see first hand the joy my patients bring their owners. People of all ages and from all walks of life get so much pleasure from spending time with their pets.

Read my blog post about the benefits of pet ownership here
Owning Pets
Patient of the month…
Patient of the month

Patient of the month
This month's patient of the month is Moseley a 12 year old Shih Tzu, owned by Shane and Lenya. He was surrendered to a foster service and his new owners had him for two weeks prior to formalising ownership.

On my initial examination I found that Moseley had severe eye problems. As soon as Shane and Lenya were legally allowed they consented to a referral to an ophthalmologist to try to save his eyes. Unfortunately Moseley's eyes were damaged beyond repair and causing him a lot of pain. The tough decision was made to remove both eyes.

Poor Moseley had just been re-homed, was now completely blind living with two other new "dog mates". He had to adjust very quickly. He also was extremely thin and suffering from advancing arthritis, back/hip and hip problems, ear infections and an irregular heart beat!

The great news is that Moseley has now recovered and is thriving, running around in the park, interacting with his "house mates" and getting a lot of pampering from his new and doting owners (he even has a pram!).

He has gained weight, looks good and best of all is very, very sweet.

Should all our mistreated pets be so lucky...
Vetaround Easter Opening Hours
Our opening hours over the Easter Holiday season are as follows:

- Thursday 2nd April 7:30am - 12pm

- Closed all Friday to Monday - please check my website for details of emergency vets

- Back as usual at 7:30am on Tuesday 7th April

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Happy Holidays