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Vetaround Newsletter April 2014
Hi from Ari

Hi Everyone

Thankfully finally the weather seems as though it may be starting to cool now and we can settle into a cosy winter with our gorgeous pets. If you haven’t already checked out our new website I'd love to know what you think. You might like our informative new blog articles and of-course our seasonal newsletters.

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Finally it would be really helpful, if you feel you are getting great service from VETaround, to please leave a review to that effect on our Google+ page. To do this you need to log into your google account, go to our Google+ page and leave a review. We would really love your feedback and it will help all the people who aren’t benefiting from our house call veterinary service to find us and pick us out from the rest!

We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Easter weekend. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your little pooches, who love to get hold of the chocolate stashes and fatty barbeque scraps. These can make them very sick so ensure you keep them well out of reach.

Humid 'Scratchy' Autumn for our Pets
Wow I’m busy at the moment!

Warm, humid weather like we are experiencing this Autumn is causing major skin problems for many of my patients.

This is because there are more allergens like yeasts and moulds around and also the flea population is exploding!

Also when the weather is warm your pet is often hot and bothered which means skin problems annoy him (and you!) more.

Read more about allergic skin disease or atopy here
scratching dog mobile vet

Vomiting Pets
vomiting in pets Virtually every day people call our mobile vet service because their dog or cat is vomiting (being sick).

By far the most common reason our pets throw up is because they have eaten something that doesn’t agree with them.

A change of diet can have the same effect especially if the new diet is higher in fat than your pet is used to.

Here's some useful information from the vetaround blog about vomiting in our pets
Patient of the month…

Astro is a gorgeous 15 year old dog.

I visited the family because they were considering possibly euthanasing Astro as he had become very sore and tired and very depressed, barely wanting to move.

After my examination we had a detailed discussion with many tears. I felt it was worth trying some modern anti-inflammatory medication as he was generally in good health – just not coping with his arthritis.

We started him on meloxicam and he hasn’t looked back since! You can read more about arthritis and Astro's journey here


pet arthritis
Vetaround Easter Opening Hours
Our opening hours over the Easter Holiday season are as follows:

- Thursday 17th April 7:30am - 3pm

- Closed all Friday to Monday - please check my website for details of emergency vets

- Back as usual at 7:30am on Tuesday 22nd April

Happy Holidays

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