Vetaround mobile vet van

To be a great house call vet you need to be prepared!

Our Vetaround van is like a mobile vet clinic. It is fully equipped with everything we need to allow us to provide a comprehensive at-home vet service.

There is a middle carriage compartment with soft plush bedding so we can comfortably transport of any of your pets should they require a trip to our vet hospital.

In the rear of the van we have a fridge for the safe storage of pet vaccinations and other medicines.

There is also shelving and drawers for all the equipment we needs to conduct complete examinations, assessments and treatments for your pets.

vetaround mobile vet

mobile vet van

So for example we carry

And of-course … there’s the trusty GPS so our house call vet can find his way to your home.

Ask us if you would like to have a ‘tour’ of our van or if you have any questions at all about our mobile vet services.