About Dr Ari Ende Mobile Vet Sydney – why Ari loves his work!

Ari is a Sydney based mobile vet. He is passionate about quality veterinary care and specifically about helping to maintain the 
close bond and friendship between his clients and their furry companions.

He understands the huge positive impact pets have in our lives and their reliance 
on our care for their health and well-being. And of course he is surrounded by pets at home…

Ari with his wife Nicky, have a young beautiful family. They have two gorgeous 
girls, Noa-Rose & Amiel and a wonderful little boy Elijah. They share their lives with two boisterous dogs, a 
Labradoodle, Reuben, and a La Schnoodle, Brodhi. They also have 3 more 
independent and very loved cats Lulu, Harold and Odin.

Ari’s family is rather ‘full’ but he wouldn’t have it any other way, treasuring the time that he gets to spend with them. Look out for Ari and his family at the 
local Sydney dog parks where they love to play.

Dr Ari Ende has 10 years experience in small animal medicine and surgery. Ari is a member of the Australian 
College of Veterinary Scientists in the Small Animal Medicine Chapter.

dr ari ende
dr ari ende

He spent several years working as a Registrar at the University 
Veterinary Teaching Hospital Sydney in the general practice service. This invaluable experience gave Ari the opportunity to study and refine the latest cutting edge veterinary techniques – quality veterinary care is Ari’s passion.

Ari’s experience also includes 
full time employment as an emergency and critical 
care vet at a specialist referral hospital that he continues to have a close association with and time in general 
private practice.

Ari continues to 
engage in regular continuing professional development at annual conferences but 
also more regularly at monthly Eastern Suburbs Journal Club.

The decision to become a ‘house call vet’ was a no-brainer when Ari realised what a great service he could offer owners and their pets by attending to them in their own homes. He particularly appreciates the low stress experience of looking after his patients in surroundings familiar to them.

In Ari’s own words

‘As a mobile vet in Sydney I can give my patients quality vet care in their own environment. It’s great to be able to reduce the stress often associated with trips to the vet clinic. Close relations with a local veterinary practice means I can also give pets hospital treatment when they need it’.

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