Geriatric care from Vetaround mobile vet Sydney

All us pet owners know how much our pets provide us with love and companionship and become an integral part of our family.

However our pet’s lives are much shorter than ours and before you know it you notice your pet is reaching their geriatric years. How quickly this happens varies with breed and species. So for example a large breed dog might start to become geriatric at 8, whereas an 8 year old cat is in the prime of his or her life!

Once your pet does start to show signs of ageing, it’s important to stay on top of all their health needs.

Some of the common signs of ageing in your pet might be

  • slowing down on walks

  • grey hairs on the face

  • stiffness when they get up from lying down

  • not hearing so well (although this can be selective!)

  • not seeing so well

  • becoming a bit more clingy

geriatric care vetaround

Your pet’s annual health check is the ideal time to chat to our mobile vet about the changes you are noticing in your pet.

We can ensure that you and your pet are up to date with everything that your pet needs on an annual basis. We can chat to you about any changes you’ve noticed and let you know whether you need to be concerned or not.

Each annual health exam involves a complete physical examination and general health evaluation by the mobile vet and all the necessary information and support you need to be confident you are providing your beloved pet with everything he or she needs.

geriatric care vetaround

Our Geriatric program includes:

  • Annual or biannual complete physical examination including weight management, dental hygiene, skin and coat condition, bone and joint health

  • Annual urine and faecal testing

  • Annual blood screening for general health and organ function

  • Prophylactic medicine program including flea and tick control, intestinal worm control, heartworm prevention and vaccinations

  • Complementary medicine services such as acupuncture and homeopathy (in association with a qualified veterinary acupuncturist and homeopath)

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