Vetaround mobile vet FAQs

1. What specific veterinary care & treatment can you provide at home?

VETaround can provide many services & treatments at home. Some of these incude:

  • Complete discussion of background & history
  • Full physical examinations of all body systems
  • Annual health checks
  • Vaccinations & heartworm injections
  • Internal & external parasite management
  • Nutritional assessments & management
  • Appropriate diagnostic pathology
  • Medical diagnosis & management of many illnesses
  • Acupuncture & homeopathy
  • Behavioural assessment & management
  • Home Euthanasia
  • Grief & bereavement counseling

2. What if my pet needs to go to hospital for more investigation or treatment?

VETaround has a close association with a partner practice & therefore if your pet needs to go to hospital for treatment or surgery, VETaround can still provide all ongoing care.

3. What if my pet requires more advanced surgery?

Some advanced surgical procedures can be done in association with a veterinary surgeon at VETaround’s partner practice.

Ari also has a close association with many veterinary referral hospitals in Sydney and if necessary patients can be referred to the appropriate specialist veterinarian depending on the condition requiring treatment.

4. What happens if it’s 9.30pm at night & suddenly my pet becomes really unwell?

VETaround has extended consulting hours:

Mon – Fri Regular hours 7.30am – 7pm
Sat 9am – 4pm

On Call Mon – Fri 7pm – 11pm

So if your pet becomes unwell late at night, it’s still fine to call VETaround. Until 11pm, you’ll get to speak to Dr Ari Ende, not just a recorded message. If Ari can treat the problem at your home then he will come out straight away, or if the condition requires more emergency assistance then he can refer you on to one of the 24 hour emergency hospitals

5. I’m really open to non western treatments. Are you able to assist with these?

VETaround has close associations with veterinarians who have completed dedicated & specific companion animal training in acupuncture, homeopathy & herbs. These practitioners also perform home consultations and Ari will be happy to put you in touch with these vets and arrange a housecall.

6. My dog is healthy, but her behaviour is out of control. Can you assist with this?

VETaround can assess and manage many behavioural problems but some of these require close attention and are better managed by a skilled animal behaviourist. VETaround works closely with a behavioural trainer & other behavioural specialists so if VETaround can’t assist with the matter, arrangements will be made for you to receive the support you need.

7. Our beloved dog has an illness that she is suffering from and we are now sadly considering euthanasia. Could you do this at our home and please tell me what’s involved?

Euthanasia of your pet is probably the most difficult decision you will have to make for your pet, even when you know it is the right decision. Being able to remain at home with your beloved pet in familiar and comfortable surroundings will make the situation less stressful and ease the process a little for you and your pet. You will be able to have all the support around you that you need. VETaround will facilitate the process in the most sensitive way for you and your pet and if you would like any special requirements, these can be arranged. VETaround will take care of everything so you can concentrate on just being with your pet at this most significant time in his or her life.

Following euthanasia, VETaround will also organise the management of your pet’s body. When you are ready, VETaround will take your pet’s body away to make arrangements according to your wishes. You and your family may choose to have your pet privately cremated, and choose the appropriate vessel (scatter box, urn or ornate box) to hold your pet’s ashes. You also have the option to keep your pet’s body with you for home burial, or you may prefer to leave all the arrangements with VETaround without any return of ashes.

More about pet euthanasia at home here

8. I won’t be able to be home at all but I’d still love you to see my pets. Can we leave you a key?

Our preference is for you to be home at the time of consultation in order for your pet to receive the best assessment and care. For our established clients who we have a relationship with, we can organise for a home consultation without you present if this is more convenient from time to time.

For new clients or more serious illness or trauma, we need you to be home so we can ask you important questions etc.

9. Our dog has very bad breath, is there anything you can do?

Bad breath is one of the most common problems in our pets. It can be due to a few different things but most commonly it is due to the build-up of dental tartar and subsequent oral infection. Sometimes the tartar can be cracked off at the home consultation but this is mostly a cosmetic procedure and doesn’t have any lasting beneficial effect.

The best way to combat bad breath from tartar build up and avoid more serious dental problems is to have a full dental scale and polish under general anaesthesia which our mobile vets can easily perform at our partner practice.

It usually only involves a short day stay in hospital and your pet will be home later the same day with shiny clean teeth and lovely smelling breath!

There are also several ways you can minimise the build up of tartar and bad breath at home including oral care diets and dental treats or toys, or even brushing their teeth!

Read more about pet dental care

10. My dog isn’t unwell, but I’d like to make sure she stays healthy and we keep on track of all of our injections etc…can you remind us about appointments?

Vetaround has a number of wellness programs that we can talk about to see which would be the most relevant for your pet.

Regardless of whether you choose a specific program or not, Vetaround will always organise reminders for any procedures or health checks and vaccinations that your pet needs so you need not worry about forgetting to keep up to date with your pet’s general health care.

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