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Vetaround News December 2013
Vetaround is 3 years old!...
I can't believe 3 years has gone by since we started Vetaround - as you can see our girls are growing up very quickly!

The business is also growing fast - I now see 5 times the number of cases each day compared to the early days.

So I thought it was a about time for a new website... I hope you like the updated look and feel - the new site is also more mobile and ipad friendly for those of you who read my stories on the run.

If you haven't joined our facebook community yet please like us - it's the best way to stay up to date with our news and stories. I'll send another newsletter in a few months - please let me know if there is anything you'd like to include.

At the bottom of this newsletter you'll find our Christmas opening hours and details of our annual holiday.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday period and I look forward to taking care of your gorgeous pets in 2014.

Summer Storms

We’ve had some stormy weather already this summer and I think we’re set for more. And of course this is not great news for our pets…

I’ve seen a number of patients recently get themselves in a terrible state of anxiety over thunder and lightning.

The best way to treat an anxious pet varies depending on their age, health, general disposition and how severe their reaction is.

Call me to arrange a house call if you need advice on dealing with storm related anxiety this summer.

Patient of the month…
Sammy is an amazing 23-year-old cat whose owner sadly died a few months ago.

He was wondering around an estate between houses, when finally he was taken in by a lovely family who were about to have their first baby. Sammy's new family noticed he was having trouble eating and appeared to have a sore mouth.

When I examined Sammy I found he had a swollen jaw and terrible rotten teeth. Otherwise for 23 his overall health appeared amazing! His blood tests were like those of a 5 year old cat.

So despite Sammy's great age we opted for a dental operation to sort out the mouth infection.

Sammy spent 3 hours under anaesthetic and I performed a full mouth extraction and cleaned up the swollen jaw, draining out a large pocket of infection.

Since the operation Sammy has been amazing! He's eating well and enjoying a new lease of life living out his days with his lovely new family, and new baby sister!


Happy Holidays Vetaround Opening Hours

Our opening hours over the holiday season are as follows:

- Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve - 7.30am to 1pm.

- Closed all public holidays

- All other hours as usual

Our family holiday is Jan 2nd through to Jan 19th inclusive. I'll be back at work Monday morning 20th at 7.30am.

Ilana Mendels is our locum covering Sat Jan 4th through to Sat Jan 18th. Ilana is a very experienced vet, who has her own business called Vet Prac providing continuing education workshops for vets by specialists in the industry.

And finally I’d like to say thanks to you all for letting me take care of your pets this year. It’s been another fantastic year for Vetaround and it’s been my absolute pleasure to take the stress out of veterinary care and treat your pets in their own home.

Happy Holidays


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