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Vetaround Newsletter December 2014
Hi from Ari

Hi Everyone

Hopefully you're all enjoying the long summer days and morning and evening walks with your pets!

We've had a hectic few months at Vetaround with lots of lovely new patients and their owners joining the practice. I feel very privileged to come to your homes and see first hand the pleasure your pets bring to your families. I'm really hoping 2015 will bring many happy and memorable moments!

Of course the warm weather has resulted in the usual explosion in the flea population. With fleas prevention is better than cure. Make sure you use a quality product at least monthly to protect your pets from the misery caused by flea allergies.

Also just a little reminder to beware of the heat, especially in the middle of the day. Many breeds won't cope well with hot days and need to stay in the shade with access to plenty of water. Try to restrict exercise to the morning and early evening when it's cooler.

And as always if you feel you are getting great service from VETaround, it would be fantastic if you could leave a review to that effect on our Google+ page. And the best way to get our new blogs and newsletters as they appear is to like our Facebook page

Welcome Anais
I'd like to introduce my new assistant Anais Carrington.

Anais comes to VETaround with lots of customer service experience and will welcome your calls and enquiries. She loves to talk pets and has two gorgeous pet rats Jarlsburg and Mr Whiskers.

I am really enjoying the fact that Anais takes a large part of my workload off my shoulders, as until she arrived I had been playing receptionist, office assistant, practice manager, bookkeeper, oh yeah, and vet!

Annais' appointment marks a new phase in VETaround's growth and will enable us to provide even better health care for you and your pets.

Thank you all for your lovely feedback about Anais on phone and email chats. Please always feel free to give us feedback about how we can provide an even better service in 2015.
rottweiler mobile vet

rottweiler mobile vet
Why do we clean our teeth every day?

Two questions for you… Why do we humans clean our teeth every day? And what would happen if we didn’t?

Well... bacteria build up on the teeth, the gums get sore and infected and start to recede, teeth turn rotten and fall out, the breath stinks and the pain is horrible.

Does the same happen in our pets? read more
Pet of the month

The gorgeous Honey is a 9-year-old Cocker Spaniel who we’ve seen a lot of lately, due to a recent diagnosis of Cushings Disease.

Cushings Disease occurs when the body produces too much of a hormone called cortisol. Dogs, cats, and horses, as well as humans, can get Cushing's disease.

pet arthritis

Honey's owners had noticed she was panting a lot, eating and drinking much more than usual and was agitated. After we confirmed the diagnosis, Honey started a course of treatment. She is doing really well, has stopped panting and is much happier.

A big thank you to Honey for being so gorgeous, and for jumping all over me with hugs every time I arrive for a checkup. And of course her mummy Annez for ensuring Honey gets the best treatment possible.

Honey will need medication for the rest of her life, but we can expect that she will have a long and very happy life with her very devoted mum and family.

Vetaround Opening Hours

We close this year for Christmas at 12 noon on Wednesday 24th December and return on Monday 29th December.

For New Year we close on New Years Eve at 12 noon and return on Wednesday 7th January.

Of course our you can always get emergency vet care if you need it over the holidays.

Please see our website for details of your nearest 24 hours hospital.

And finally I’d like to say thanks to you all for letting me look after your wonderful pets this year.

It’s been another amazing year for Vetaround and it’s been my absolute pleasure to take the stress out of veterinary care and treat your pets in their own home.

Happy Holidays