Sydney Mobile Vet Service

Primitive Instinct – Experiences of a Mobile Vet

The wheels of this mobile vet have certainly been turning, covering many kilometers in Sydney since my last blog entry. Though a few enquiries from the central coast and also Perth have proved a little too far to travel, but […]

Posted by Ari Ende on 18 Oct 2011

Emergency veterinary house call to dog attack victim

I got a call from a distraught client late last week who had been looking after several of the “neighbourhood” dogs in her house, ranging from larger rottweilers to smaller cross breeds and maltese terriers. There had been a dog […]

Posted by Ari Ende on 20 Sep 2011

A vet’s bittersweet home visit – the importance of microchipping

One person’s sadness becomes one person’s joy! Little “BB” was finally reunited with her owner, Scott, who had thought that his cat had died a year earlier when she had gone missing. Scott also has a son who missed his […]

Posted by Ari Ende on 02 Sep 2011

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