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A mobile vet’s approach to cancer in pets

This is a really hard dilemma and one I help clients with most days in my life as a mobile vet.

What do you do when you find out your pet has cancer? Do you go for chemotherapy or surgery and try to extend life so you can share every precious moment with your pet? Or do you decide that limited intervention is the best option and opt to keep your pet comfortable until the time is right to let go?

The answer is not simple. There’s no black and white formula for every pet and every family. Here are some principles I use to guide my clients – I hope you find them useful when you’re facing these difficult decisions.

Posted by Ari Ende on 03 Aug 2015

Buying a new puppy versus adopting an older rescue dog

This month we’re going to look at the pros and cons of both buying a new puppy and adopting an older rescue dog.

Whether this is your first dog, or you are an experienced dog owner, choosing a new dog can be a tricky decision with both practical and ethical implications.

Posted by Ari Ende on 25 Jun 2015

Introducing You New Kitten to Your Home

This month we’re going to look at how to introduce your new kitten into your home, especially if you have babies and young children already in your family.

Posted by Ari Ende on 01 Jun 2015

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