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Help… I think my pet has a tick!

Tick paralysis is a fast-acting condition that is potentially fatal and requires immediate veterinary attention. Read about how to prevent ticks and the symptoms of tick paralysis.

Posted by Ari Ende on 27 Oct 2015

Missing Cats and Happy Endings

On my travels around Sydney as a mobile vet there are some days where I am incredibly lucky to be part of wonderful family stories. This month 2 missing cats found their way deep in to my heart.

Posted by Ari Ende on 13 Oct 2015

A mobile vet’s approach to cancer in pets

This is a really hard dilemma and one I help clients with most days in my life as a mobile vet.

What do you do when you find out your pet has cancer? Do you go for chemotherapy or surgery and try to extend life so you can share every precious moment with your pet? Or do you decide that limited intervention is the best option and opt to keep your pet comfortable until the time is right to let go?

The answer is not simple. There’s no black and white formula for every pet and every family. Here are some principles I use to guide my clients – I hope you find them useful when you’re facing these difficult decisions.

Posted by Ari Ende on 03 Aug 2015

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