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Vaccine frequency & annual health checks for your dog and cat

Vaccines are an area where there is a lot of ongoing debate both in human and veterinary health. No doubt you’ve heard the discussions and comments about possible reactions to vaccines. And you might have wondered about the optimal frequency of vaccines.

What makes matters even more confusing, is that although vaccines are constantly being updated and improved, not all vet practices are offering the latest vaccines and protocols can vary greatly.

Posted by Ari Ende on 16 Mar 2016

Help… I think my pet has a tick!

Tick paralysis is a fast-acting condition that is potentially fatal and requires immediate veterinary attention. Read about how to prevent ticks and the symptoms of tick paralysis.

Posted by Ari Ende on 27 Oct 2015

Missing Cats and Happy Endings

On my travels around Sydney as a mobile vet there are some days where I am incredibly lucky to be part of wonderful family stories. This month 2 missing cats found their way deep in to my heart.

Posted by Ari Ende on 13 Oct 2015

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