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Pet of the Month Autumn 2018

I’d like to introduce you to Boaz, a gorgeous 5-year-old Vetaround patient. Recently, his devoted owner, Caitlin, recently caught him in this cute yet very compromising position above. Boaz can be a little timid but he is actually very friendly, […]

Posted by Ari Ende on 14 Apr 2018

Does Raw Chicken Cause Paralysis in Dogs? New Research Says Yes…

Earlier this year, a new scientific article was published about the possible correlation between feeding raw chicken and the uncommon disease polyradiculoneuritis (APN), that can cause canine paralysis. Since then, several Vetaround dog owners have asked me whether it’s safe […]

Posted by Ari Ende on 14 Apr 2018

Want a happier and healthier pet in 2018?

We all know that having pets can improve our physical and mental health, but did you realise there are many simple changes that you can make in return to improve the life of your pet? The beginning of a new year […]

Posted by Ari Ende on 06 Feb 2018

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