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Dental Care

Prevention is good – check ups are better “Phewee!” If your pet could be renamed Pongo because of bad breath, you may want to schedule a dental hygiene appointment for them right away. A stinky smelly breath and excessive drooling […]

Posted by Ari Ende on 08 Mar 2017

10 Top Tips for Happy Holidays With Your Pets

If your pets get sad even when you’re just taking your garbage bins out and you feel that holidaying without them really isn’t an option, well, you’re not alone….

Posted by Ari Ende on 31 Jan 2017

7 Rules to Follow Before Deciding to Gift a Pet this Christmas

Here’s a question I often get asked coming into the Christmas season.  “We’re thinking about giving my/our partner/kids/parents/friends a puppy/kitten/rabbit for Christmas. Do you think it’s a good idea?” Well my answer to that question is seldom just a straight […]

Posted by Ari Ende on 13 Dec 2016

How Can I Help Your Pet?