Annual health checks with Vetaround mobile vet

Many people believe that once a year they take their pet to the vet for their “needles” and that is really all that happens.

There is a misconception that the “needles”, i.e. vaccination, is the most important part of the vet consultation. In fact a lot more happens at these annual vet checks that are very important for the health and well-being of your pet.


Firstly our mobile vet will have a chat to you about how your pet has been.

Is she eating and drinking normally?
Is he toileting normally?
Is there anything you are concerned about?

Often there will be something you can recall or have been putting off getting looked at that the vet can look into at this time. This discussion is very important to help the vet identify how well your pet has been and if indeed there is something that needs focussing on during the exam.

You can also use this as an opportunity just to ask the vet any general questions you may have.

Full physical examination

Secondly our mobile vet will perform a full physical examination – this will include all body systems such as coat and skin, muscles and limbs, chest and abdomen exam, heart and lungs, eyes and ears, oral exam including teeth and gums etc.

Hopefully this will all be normal but sometimes we find something that is not Ok and discuss this with you at the time.

The most important common example of this is dental disease.

Almost every dog or cat has some dental disease and will require a scale and polish at some time, or often several over their lifetimes.

Another good example is weight and obesity. Unfortunately obesity is tolerated by a lot of people and if left too long can be very hazardous for your pet. While weight loss takes time and commitment it is possible with help from the vet and your pet will love you even more for it!

Treatments and Pet Care

Thirdly, if the exam is Ok, then our vet will proceed to give any treatments your pet needs are required and discuss continuing care with you.

For example you might want to chat about vaccinations, heartworm, intestinal worming, flea control, diet and exercise.

For most healthy adult pets annual health checks are sufficient to keep tabs on how things are going and keeping all preventative treatments current.

Puppies generally have two or three house vet visits a month apart so that their initial vaccine boosters and general care can be properly managed.

Geriatric pets, ie animals older than around 8-12 years depending on the breed, also need more frequent checkups because problems tend to arise more often and sometimes they have several medical problems that need monitoring.

Also don’t forget you can call our mobile vet service anytime should you have any particular questions or concerns in between these annual health checks.

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