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About Vetaround

Dr Ari Ende set up Vetaround due to increasing demand for in home vet services.

We find that people with busy lifestyles want flexible veterinary care in the comfort of their own home. In many cases, pets simply become too stressed in the car or at the vet hospital.

Vetaround can fit right into your lifestyle and personal schedule. Full in-hospital service if your pet needs special care.

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Pets Make Me Smile

Recent time off with the family over the holiday period made me realise just how important our pets are to us and our children.

I noticed how the dogs provide a constant source of joy; getting excited over every little thing, showing us all endless love and giving us the perfect excuse for long family walks together.

And the cats give us a reason for a much needed sit down and relax as we pet them.

Blog Post 13th March 2015

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A Difficult Subject…

Deciding on the right time to let your much loved pet go at the end of a wonderful life is something all of us find incredibly difficult – (and yes that includes me and my family).

Towards the end of my patients’ lives my job as a vet often becomes one of providing palliative care. This means I assess pain levels, prescribe pain killing and other drugs and offer care advice to help keep my patients happy and ensure they have a quality of life.

Updated 20th March 2015

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