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Quality of Life for your pet

Saying goodbye to your loved ones can be a heartbreaking experience.

Sometimes these tearful farewells are made voluntarily, while others are dictated to us by a sudden illness or series of unexpected events.

What factors would you consider if you were making that final decision for someone close to you?

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When to desex your Pet?

10 months? 14 weeks? Or 4 months?

Are you finding it difficult to determine what age to desex your pet?

There are so many different factors to take into consideration when determining the right time to desex, including your pets breed, size, weight and current health.

Which is why it’s important to talk to your local vet about what is right for your pet.

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Tips for timely health checks

Have you had your blood pressure or cholesterol levels checked recently?

Humans are generally quick to respond to any concerning symptoms that appear in their bodies… whether that’s an abnormal lump or a rattle in your chest! We understand the importance of regular health checks to make sure we are fit and healthy.

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