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About Vetaround

Dr Ari Ende set up Vetaround due to increasing demand for in home vet services.

We find that people with busy lifestyles want flexible veterinary care in the comfort of their own home. In many cases, pets simply become too stressed in the car or at the vet hospital.

Vetaround can fit right into your lifestyle and personal schedule. Full in-hospital service if your pet needs special care.

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Thinking about adopting or fostering a greyhound?

With greyhound racing officially banned in New South Wales from July next year, there’s never been a better time to adopt or foster this breed.

But is a greyhound dog necessarily the right pet for you and your family?

Greyhounds make fantastic pets. They are loving, affectionate, warm around people and sensitive with children.

Updated 28th July 2016

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Did you know your dog could help save up to 12 lives a year?

National Dog Day Australia, a day designed to encourage dog owners to become more aware of responsible dog ownership. Which is why I’d like to draw your attention to a really urgent issue: canine blood donation.

Many pet owners are unaware either that their pets can actually donate blood or that pets need transfusions.

Read more on canine blood donation.
Updated 26th August 2016

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